pc maintenance

For a modest charge of £29.99 per month, PC Homecall will undertake to provide a maintenance service covering all supported computer equipment for your company.

These pages set out the terms under which the Computing Services Department offers to provide this service.

Scope of the Maintenance Service

The Maintenance and Repair service provides:-

  • Onsite engineer within 4 hours of a break down;
  • 1 hour free PC Maintenance per year;
  • Installation and commissioning of new equipment;
  • On-site diagnosis of problems;
  • Fault management to effect quick resolutions irrespective of cause;
  • Installation and commissioning of upgrades and expansions;
  • Hardware maintenance during warranty and thereafter.

These services are provided on supported equipment to contributors only. Service is available from the purchase date of the equipment. The scheme does not cover the installation or maintenance of communications links to host computer systems. The scheme integrates into the remainder of the support services offered by PC Homecall which is for most part our main focus.

Equipment Covered and Charges

The cost of the scheme is based on 2 systems anything more than this will be an additional £10 per system and an element based on the type of equipment. The total sum is payable per month by standing order or by cheque in arrears.

Prices are reviewed annually. The table of supported equipment is under continual review and new items are considered for inclusion if:

  • They form part of a strategic plan;
  • There is sufficient demand to justify the cost of training and spare part holdings;
  • Support appears possible for at least three years.

PC Homecall undertakes to provide support for each item of equipment up to the date quoted in the schedule of supported equipment, subject to external limitations. This date is reviewed and extended, if appropriate, on a regular basis.

Equipment for which a date less than two years in advance has been quoted, should be considered as obsolete; please check latest published date if in doubt. Equipment cannot be included in the scheme once the date that support ceases has passed. PC Homecall undertakes not to foreshorten dates without prior warning to existing customers and without due cause.