E-commerce Solutions

E-Commerce PC Homecall shopping carts offers you the ability to sell products and services through the web, worldwide. We provide fully customisable e-commerce packages that cover all aspects of online trading.

We never produce an e-commerce site the same as any other, giving you the piece of mind that you have a unique online shopfront.

Shoppers Experience A visitors experience is centralised round navigation, they can browse products by category, built in site search facility or advanced search for price comparison. The list of results resemble a search engine style, each product will have a thumbnail view next to each product, also title, description and cost will also be displayed along with an add to basket icon.

If the visitor selects “add to basket” the product will be added to there shopping basket and here they will be able to change the quantities of the item required. From here the customer can either choose to continue shopping or checkout.

If the customer chooses to checkout they will be presented with a login screen and/or a member signup form. If the customer has signed up before they will be able to login and make there purchase. If they haven’t signed up before they will have to signup to become a member and then they will be able to complete there purchase. This process is changeable to the client’s requests.

After the sign-in or registration process is complete the visitor will be taken to a secure payment area where they will be required to make payment with either there credit/debit card or if the client wishes to accept cheques then there could be an option to send a cheque for the product.

Once this process has been completed they will then be taken a customised to a thank you area. The customer will then receive an automated email confirming there purchase, the email will contain the order details and thanking the customer for the custom.

Site Administrators Experience The real-time admin area can be used to manage products and orders quickly and efficiently. This is done via the web based control panel which can only be accessed by approved administrators.

This area enables the site administrator fully manage and customise the online store to its maximum potential, allowing you to add/remove and modify your products in real-time.

The site administrator can even makes changes to the categories the products reside in and move the products between categories. Adding images to the products is as easy as 123 with the integrated FTP facility, meaning the site administrator doesn’t have to know anything technical and is quite simply as easy to use as word or excel.

All orders are given an individual order number which is confirmed to the customer on their thank you email. In the admin area you will be able to view all orders taken by the website. When the site administrator clicks the desired order number the full information is displayed about the order including the customer’s shipping address and order details.

The admin area also allows the administrator to attached shipping numbers to the order which enables the customer to track the order via the courier’s website, once the order is set as completed the customer receives an automated email confirming their order has been dispatched.