Data Recovery

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PC Homecall has some of the best prices on the web for Data Recovery, Data Storage, Supplies and Repairs. Our data recovery is a leader in disk drive data recovery technology for all brands including Maxtor, IBM, Fujitsu, Western Digital, Quantum, Samsung and Seagate drives. We specialize in and perform recoveries on all the hard drive brands: Seagate, Maxtor, IBM, Hitachi, Samsung, Fugitsu and Western Digital.

Hard drive data recovery

Hard disk drives are extremely delicate and fragile components with moving mechanical parts assuring that most will eventually fail at one point or another. Only about 12-20% of drive failures are due to user error or accidents, so chances are it cannot be prevented and is almost certainly bound to happen.

If the hard disk drive in your desktop or laptop computer has failed or is preventing you from accessing your data, PC Homecall can help. We have expert engineers with years of experience at recovering data from drives with all types of failures.

Notebook drive recovery

PC Homecall is the leading notebook data recovery expert, having recovered data from hundreds of damaged and failed notebooks and laptops. Regardless of the cause or type of failure, whether accidental, environmental, mechanical, or natural disaster we are the data recovery experts to call. Notebook drives are very small in comparison to desktop hard drives; the internal mechanics are exact miniature versions of their desktop counterparts.

This makes notebook data recovery a very delicate and fragile process requiring the use of special tooling, equipment and careful handling procedures in order to facilitate the recovery of the data from these small drives. The micro mechanics of notebook drives and other such portable computing devices are more challenging compared to that of desktop data recovery.

So whether your failure is due to software malfunction or viruses give us a call so we can explain our capabilities and how we can go about helping you recover your hard drive data.

Most of our Hard drive recovery’s are done within 3 – 4 working days, we will even collect the Hard Drive/Machine from you for more convenience for you.

We then do an exhaustive physical, electrical, and logical examination of your drive to determine the point of failure and to see if data recovery is possible. Once we’ve determined that data recovery is possible a quote is prepared and a representative will contact you to inform you of our findings. Only if and when the quote is approved do we then proceed with the recovery.

After the data recovery process is completed we arrange to ship back your data via your choice of media, (i.e. replacement hard drive, CD or DVD).

We provide our service throughout the whole of the East Midlands, mainly covering Derby and Nottingham.